I'm Elena. I like comfy clothes. I adore travelling, music and dancing. I like stories that have no ending. I sometimes pretend that my life is a movie. I like coffee. I have a weird obsession with boy bands. I love listening to people tell me about their lives. I like long walks in the old town and finishing other people's sentences. I am an aspiring dancer. I want to see the northern lights at least once in my lifetime. I am sixteen years old, I come from Estonia.
"If you make friends with pain, you have a friend for life."

how can algebra help me become a kardashian? 

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  • the perks of being me:
"I am a pile of ideas, a pile of dreams, a pile of plans, a pile of doubts, and so many other things. I am a pile of piles and it is so overwhelming. Should I get rid of some piles? Should I climb them? Or should I just give up and hide inside them?"

you and I both know we were never ‘just friends’,

there was nothing platonic about the way my hands would shake for days after you’d touched them.



when people have really nice clear faces i want punch myself 

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whats the point of having a crush if you never have a chance???

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